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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Available linux distribution

I strongly recommend new user to use Ubuntu distribution.
64 StudioAttempts to specialize in audio and video production on x86-64 workstations.
AbulÉduFrench. Designed for data processing in educational establishments.
AGNULAFormer DeMuDi for multimedia production
BaltixUbuntu based distribution for Lithuanian and Latvian people. Supported languages are Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, English, Norwegian and other around Baltic region. Main language is Lithuanian.
BeatrIXA compact distribution from the Czech Republic that focuses on providing a user-friendly desktop environment.
BehördendesktopA Debian-based public Linux distribution developed by the German Federal Office for Information Security.
Corel LinuxCommercial. Short-lived desktop distribution, bought by Xandros Linux.
Damn Small LinuxA desktop Linux distribution designed to be extremely lightweight and run on less powerful hardware.
DreamlinuxA Brazilian Linux distribution.
EliveA Live CD and Distribution featuring Enlightenment as the only window manager. Aims to be intuitive and easy to use.
FinnixA small system administration Live CD that is available for multiple architectures.
FreespireA Debian-based, community-driven and -supported project tied to the commercial Linspire distribution.
GibraltarCommercial. Router/firewall distribution.
gnuLinExA distribution promoted by the government of Extremadura, Spain.
grmlLive CD for system recovery
HikarunixA distribution solely for studying and playing the game of Go. Based on Damn Small Linux.
KanotixAn installable live CD for desktop usage using KDE, focusing on convenient scripts and GUI for ease of use.
KnoppixThe first Live CD (later DVD) version of Debian GNU/Linux.
KuruminEarlier, it was a version of the Knoppix distribution, modified with Debian and designed for Brazilian users.
LEAF ProjectThe Linux Embedded Appliance Framework. A tiny primarily floppy-based distribution for routers, firewalls and other appliances.
LiMuxAn ISO 9241 industry workplace certified Linux distribution, deployed at the City of Munich, Germany.
LinspireCommercial. Desktop-oriented distribution, previously called Lindows. Focuses on a proprietary software application manager obtained via a paid (CNR) subscription. Bought by Xandros Linux.
MaemoA development platform for hand held devices such as the Nokia N800, N810 and Nokia N900 Internet Tablets and other Linux-based devices.
Maryan LinuxBased on Ubuntu. Uses Enlightenment as its default window manager, also has Fluxbox and Pekwm ready to use. It is aimed at users migrating from Microsoft Windows.
MEPISFocuses on ease of use. Also includes lightweight variant called antiX. antiX is meant to be used on older computers with limited hardware.
NeopwnDebian based network penetration-testing distribution for mobile phones.
NepaLinuxA Debian and Morphix based distribution focused for desktop usage in Nepali language computing.
OpenZaurusDebian packages and ROM image for the Sharp Zaurus PDA. Replaced by Ångström distribution.
Outernet ServerA modified version of Debian that installs pre-configured and is specifically meant for a High speed multimedia Networks.
ParsixOptimized for personal computers
Progeny Componentized LinuxDistribution from Progeny Linux Systems which was also founded by Debian founder Ian Murdock.
Pure:dynepure:dyne is a Debian based operating system developed to provide media artists with a complete set of tools for realtime audio and video processing.
RxartDesktop-oriented distribution. Focused on providing proprietary software.
SacixA Debian Pure Blend originally created to support the educational and free software diffusion goals of the Telecentres project of the city of São Paulo, Brazil.
SalgixDistribution developed and maintained by GMSI (Gemini Microsystems International) for its line of Visual Computing workstations.
Santa Fe LinuxA commercial distribution by New Mexico Software. Discontinued.
siduxMultilingual desktop-oriented Live CD based on Debian unstable.
SkolelinuxA distribution from Norway. It is provided as a thin client distribution for schools.
Sunwah LinuxA Chinese distribution
Symphony OSIncludes the Mezzo desktop environment. Previous versions were based on Knoppix.
The Linux Router ProjectA defunct floppy-based distribution for routers and firewalls. Supplanted by LEAF Project.
UbuntuA distribution sponsored by Canonical Ltd as well as receiving major funding from South African Mark Shuttleworth. Aims to offer a complete and polished desktop on a single CD.
UlteoVirtual desktop project
UserLinuxCommercial distribution that would have included GNOME. Short-lived.
Xandros Open Circulation EditionBased on Xandros 3.0 Standard Edition. DVD burning is disabled and CD burning is restricted to a maximum speed of 4X.
XebianFor the Xbox home gaming console.

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